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Stage Impact, a platform dedicated to helping associations find internships for the people they support, called on NoBrand to bring their vision to life.

The challenge was daunting: to create a site that was both intuitive for users and equipped with robust management tools to facilitate the follow-up of internships. NoBrand took up the challenge with enthusiasm.

We have designed a clear and user-friendly website, allowing associations and candidates to navigate easily to find the information they need. The site has been optimized for ease of use on all devices, ensuring a smooth user experience, whatever the means of access.

Behind the scenes, we have created a complete backoffice, offering efficient candidate and skills management. This allowed Stage Impact to easily track candidate progress, manage internship offers and maintain clear communication with all parties involved.

In addition, we have set up a dedicated company space, providing a central point of contact for companies wishing to offer internships. This has allowed Stage Impact to build and maintain strong relationships with local businesses, while facilitating the intern placement process.

With our collaboration, Stage Impact has been able to turn into an essential resource for associations seeking internships for their beneficiaries. At NoBrand, it is always a great satisfaction to see our customers achieve their vision through our joint efforts. We look forward to seeing how Stage Impact will continue to evolve and make a difference in the community in the future.

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